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Without Walls Project

Empowering young people to understand and manage anxiety and neurodiversity

The Without Walls (WoW) Project is a 10-week programme to support self-isolating young people to begin their journey of re-connection, socialisation and access to education.

Project aim

The aim is to support young people who are no longer accessing education to develop strategies that lessen their experiences of anxiety, by learning effective and relatable emotional regulation strategies.

Addressing the impact of the Covid-19 lockdowns

We know that lockdown, affected children, young people and families in many different ways. For some young people it was difficult separation from family, friends, community and educations settings.

For others, particularly those with neurodiversity, lockdown changed routines, reduced external sources of sensory stimulation, prolonged remote learning.

The additional anxiety and stress from the uncertainly of what’s to come has left many members of the community feeling overwhelmed and unfamiliar with the outside world. There have also been many changes in support systems.

Many young people have felt the loss of a key supportive adult in their education setting.

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