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Bio and neuro feedback

People with SEND, SEMH and neurodiversity challenges may have a harder time controlling their emotions. Bio and neuro feedback can offer support by improving emotional control.

Bio and neuro feedback can help by:

  • Increasing self-awareness – giving real-time feedback on our bodily responses and brain activity to become more aware of emotional states and learn to recognise emotional triggers.
  • Teaching relaxation techniques – biofeedback can help us learn relaxation methods, like deep breathing and relaxing muscles, which can reduce stress and improve emotional control.
  • Improving focus and attention – neurofeedback can help us improve focus and attention, leading to better emotional regulation.


Biofeedback helps you gain more awareness of your thoughts, feelings, emotions and physical state.

We use a device that measures your body’s Heart Rate Variability (HRV) to determine your Resonance score, a direct reflection of your state of stress or relaxation.

Ranging from 1 to 100%, the higher your Resonance score is, the more relaxed you are. 


Neurofeedback, a kind of biofeedback, focuses on the brain and its electrical activity.

By checking brainwaves, neurofeedback gives real-time information about how the brain is working.

This can help us learn to control our brain activity, improving mental processes such as attention, memory, and emotional control.


Customised training

Bio and neurofeedback can be tailored to our specific needs, making the training targeted and effective.

Non-invasive & drug-free

Bio and neurofeedback don’t require medication, making them a great option for those who may be sensitive to medications or for parents who prefer a non-pharmaceutical approach.

A powerful tool

With consistent practice and guidance, bio and neurofeedback can be a powerful tool for improving emotional regulation for those with SEND and SEMH challenges.

How we use them

Interactive Meditation

Interactive Meditation teaches specific breathing, mindfulness and relaxation techniques proven to increase your HRV.

You gain instantaneous awareness of your nervous system state and learn to directly influence your HRV.

Relaxation games

By combining biofeedback and relaxation games, biofeedback immediately resonates with kids! 

Technology is something they are very comfortable with so for kids who aren’t quite sure how to talk in therapy, this is something they understand right away.

If you’re interested in bio or neurofeedback, complete the enquiry form on the contact page.

We will get in touch so we can assess your child’s needs, create a personalised treatment plan, and monitor their progress.

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